Reusable parts of experiments. Includes frame definitions, randomizers, and utilities.

This collection contains:

This collection contains the following subcollections:

  • frames
    Reusable frames that can be used as part of Lookit studies. This is the main reference for researchers writing their own study protocols on Lookit.
  • frames-deprecated
    Frames someone may still be using, but that are deprecated and will not be included in future releases.
  • mixins
    Reference for DEVELOPERS of new frames only (not Lookit researchers writing their study protocols on the site)! Mixins that can be used to add specific functionality to frames
  • randomizers
    Reusable randomizers that can be used as part of user-defined experiments. Randomizers allow researchers to specify how to select which frames or sequences of frames to use as part of a particular session of a given experiment, for instance in order to counterbalance stimuli used across subjects, assign subjects randomly to different experimental conditions, or implement a longitudinal design where the frames used in this study depend on the frames used in the participant's last session.